Erin & Jesse


erin jesse madison beach hotel wedding
 Photographer:  Leslie Dumke Studio
Erin & Jesse Wedding Madison Beach Hotel

erin-jesse-ceremonyJesse and Erin Fable share a love of the beach, so they knew right away that they wanted a Summer-inspired wedding on the water.

It was on a trip back from East Hampton, NY, that they decided stop for in for lunch at The Wharf and take a tour the Madison Beach Hotel.

As they enjoyed lunch on the hotel’s porch, overlooking the lawn and the Long Island Sound, with the small boats moored offshore, they both knew right then and there that they had found their dream wedding venue.

erin jesse madison beach wedding decorA beach theme is what was delivered, from the special touches of shells, starfish cookies and lanterns on the tables to the sea grasses elegantly tied to the guest chairs. The theme was elegant and soft, which flowed beautifully with the delicate nature of the soft pink color palette of the bridal party.

“The Madison Beach Hotel staff made themselves available and amenable to anything that we needed from start to finish.  Surrounded by our friends and families, our ceremony began around 5pm as some of the blues and purples started to appear on the horizon.  The water was calm and mirrored the clouds.  It was a perfect warm summer afternoon that transitioned into the most amazing evening.  We would recommend this venue to anyone planning a wedding.  It was great!”

erin and jesse wedding cake madison beacherin jesse madison beach bouqueterin-jesse-placesettings