Stephanie & Scott


stephanie & scott Madison beach hotel balcony


Photographer:Leslie Dumke Studio

stephanie and scott madison beach hotel porch

stephanie & scott wedding table settingsOne of our favorite places to be is Madison, CT, so we knew exactly where we wanted to get married.  On 12/13/14, at the Madison Beach Hotel, we married as the sun set over the Long Island Sound behind us.  The sandy beach, rocky pier, sparkling water, and the clear blue sky together provided an unbelievably gorgeous backdrop for our photos.

stephanie-scott-madison-beach-decorWinter is a wonderful time to get married along the water, because the sun sets early. This allowed us to have pictures taken during the beauty of the day and as the sun goes down.  We were able to relax and enjoy our reception without feeling the need to run out to do more photographs.  Yes, it was a bit chilly, but when we received our pictures, we knew it was worth it!

Our winter wedding was amazing. Even the planning  was a pleasure. And no detail was neglected!  The spa, the ceremony, the music, the candles, the flowers, the linens, the holiday décor, the food, the service…everything came together perfectly.  We even had a special room for the children – ours and their cousins – adjacent to the reception area so that the little ones could come and go as they pleased.

What a wonderful evening! I remember thinking that it ended far too soon!